It’s Now Cool to be a Marvel’s Fan

Ever since the dawn of epic superhero movies and mashups, the basic Marvel fan has changed forms. With the increase in digital effects and bad-ass villains, being a Marvel or DC Comics fan is a part of basic American society. Now Marvel’s presence in the internet has not only grew the brand but made an average person a die-hard fan and made a die-hard fan an extremist. 

With basic teasers hinting at possible movies and pictures portraying every Stan Lee fan’s hopes and dreams, half of Marvel’s advertising is already done for them.


Word of mouth can only go so far in this digital age, but any simple picture Marvel posts on their social media of a new cast member, background scenes, movie poster or short trailer gets shared and recreated so fast that one can easily become a huge fan of a movie that comes out in 2019 by simply scrolling through their explore page.


The need to know on who is the next superhero featured on a new Netflix series or when the newest superhero team movie comes out has changed the basic dynamic of any conversation. Jocks are now having heated conversations on who would win in a battle of Hulk versus Thor. Families new favorite show is about a scrawny superhero using science to beat superhuman villains, and in order to win over any guy knowing basic basketball stats is almost as great as knowing the entire Justice League backstory including their individual villains.


In conclusion, I believe if Marvel were to make everything they do a secret with even bigger teasers and periodically ‘leaking’ news Stan Lee would never have to worry about filing for bankruptcy… again.